The fuel cell
research center

From research into small series: seals for fuel cells

  While increasing the number of stacks in a ramp up the technical tasks for production technologies and quality assurance for the individual components of the fuel cell becomes significantly more evident. ZBT toady makes a significant contribution...

Modern fuel cell stacks and their components are becoming more and more filigree. The material thicknesses of metallic bipolar plates, for example, has been reduced from 100 μm down to 75 μm in recent years. From a design point of view the components...

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Industrie und Umwelt - Quo vadis NRW?

  ZBT bei der JRF-Veranstaltung

NRW ist der größte Industriestandort Europas. Neben energieintensiven Grundstoffindustrien wie der Stahlerzeugung und der chemischen Industrie finden sich viele verarbeitende Unternehmen des Maschinenbaus oder der Automobilwirtschaft. ...

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Welcome to ZBT

  ZBT is an independent, non-profit R&D service provider

As application oriented institute for research and development in the field of fuel cells and energy technologies, ZBT is the partner for industry for the realisation of new technologies and products. Our technical focus lies on:

  • fuel cells
  • hydrogen...
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Application oriented development

  Fuel cells, batteries and hydrogen

ZBT provides the energy- and transport industry with competent development support for innovative products, components and processes. Main application areas for hydrogen-, fuel cell- and battery technology are:

  • Energy supply (electrical power,...
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