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Latest R&D Highlights of ZBT

Hydrogen fuelling station Düsseldorf

Supporting scientific research by ZBT

The project "Development and test of a public hydrogen fuelling station of latest standard", funded by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the European Union in the frame...    more >>

Fuel cell system with self-assured under pressure hydrogen supply

operation strategies for sub-ambient pressure operation

Based on an innovative system components for the hydrogen supply of a fuel cell system developed in a joint project by our project partner Anleg GmbH, a commercially available fuel...    more >>

Multi-Component Bipolar Plates

Injection moulding of sealing material around a conductive core

Bipolar plates made of a compound core and a sealing framework developed have now been successfully qualified in continuous operation. This result of the project "Development of...    more >>

Fuel cell stack with metallic bipolar plates

ZBT presents stack development at World of Energy Solutions / FCELL

At the FCELL 2014, ZBT presented the development of a 300cm² active area fuel cell stack with metallic bipolar plates for automotive applications. The 30kW fuel cell stack will be...    more >>

Innovative Clamping System for Fuel Cell Stacks

ZBT development support by means of thermochanical simulation and in-situ verification

By order of Scheuermann+Heilig GmbH located in Buchen, Germany, ZBT participated in the development of an innovative clamping system for fuel cell stacks. The main aim of the clamping...    more >>

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