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Latest R&D Highlights of ZBT

Improving Cell Power of a μDMFC

Use of the displacement effect of bubbles and obstacles in the anode channel

On the anode side of a DMFC CO2-bubbles emerge. Given hydrophobic channel walls, these bubbles stick to the walls and keep growing such that a strong displacement effect on the...    more >>

Determination of the optimal contact pressures applied in a PEM fuel cell stack

Guideline developed

Optimized contact pressure ensures a maximal electrical performance and minimized degradation of a PEM fuel cell stack. A rough empirical determination of the clamping pressure could...    more >>


Again the Team H2A proves efficiency of ZBT fuel cell systems

As in 2013, the team of the University of Amsterdam has won this year's European Shell Eco-marathon in the category of hydrogen prototypes in Rotterdam. The used fuel cell system was...    more >>

Fuel cells as sensors

Continuous monitoring of the quality of hydrogen from biogas

Ordered by Emschergenossenschaft, the fuel cell research centre ZBT developed an innovative technology, which is used for the continuous monitoring of the quality of hydrogen from...    more >>

Bonding of Bipolar Plates

Compact fuel cells

In the IGF- project 17062 N "investigating the use of adhesives for the production of bipolar plates for ease of assembly and to reduce the leakage opportunities in fuel cell...    more >>

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