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Latest R&D Highlights of ZBT

Bonding of Bipolar Plates

Compact fuel cells

In the IGF- project 17062 N "investigating the use of adhesives for the production of bipolar plates for ease of assembly and to reduce the leakage opportunities in fuel cell...    more >>


Electrolysis Development and Testing Based on HT-PEM-Technology

Within the project 16590 N „Entwicklung und Erprobung eines Elektrolyseurs auf Basis der Hochtemperatur-PEM-Technologie“ which was funded by the IGF, ZBT together with the partners...    more >>

Ethanol Fuel Processor

Hydrogen production for PEM Fuel Cell Applications

ZBT developed a compact ethanol fuel processor for small scale high temperature and low temperature polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) systems in the range of 200 – 500 W...    more >>

ZBT automotive stacks achieve power density of 1 W/cm²

FuelCell Range Extender: Zero Emissions - BREEZE

ZBT develops a compact 30 kW fuel cell range extender module for battery electric vehicles in cooperation with the project partners Gräbener Maschinentechnik, FEV and VKA. With the...    more >>

Desulphurization solution for fuel cell heating systems

Development of a natural gas desulphurization unit for fuel cell heating systems with a power output 1 kWel

A consortium consisting of fuel cell heating system manufacturers and developers, filter and equipment manufacturer, chemical industry, research institutes and associated partners has...    more >>

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