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Latest R&D Highlights of ZBT

Fuel cell stack with metallic bipolar plates

ZBT presents stack development at World of Energy Solutions / FCELL

At the FCELL 2014, ZBT presented the development of a 300cm² active area fuel cell stack with metallic bipolar plates for automotive applications. The 30kW fuel cell stack will be...    more >>

Innovative Clamping System for Fuel Cell Stacks

ZBT development support by means of thermochanical simulation and in-situ verification

By order of Scheuermann+Heilig GmbH located in Buchen, Germany, ZBT participated in the development of an innovative clamping system for fuel cell stacks. The main aim of the clamping...    more >>

Improving Cell Power of a μDMFC

Use of the displacement effect of bubbles and obstacles in the anode channel

On the anode side of a DMFC CO2-bubbles emerge. Given hydrophobic channel walls, these bubbles stick to the walls and keep growing such that a strong displacement effect on the...    more >>

Determination of the optimal contact pressures applied in a PEM fuel cell stack

Guideline developed

Optimized contact pressure ensures a maximal electrical performance and minimized degradation of a PEM fuel cell stack. A rough empirical determination of the clamping pressure could...    more >>


Again the Team H2A proves efficiency of ZBT fuel cell systems

As in 2013, the team of the University of Amsterdam has won this year's European Shell Eco-marathon in the category of hydrogen prototypes in Rotterdam. The used fuel cell system was...    more >>

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