The hydrogen and
fuel cell center



ZBT supports industry in the fields of fuel cells and energy technologies by innovative development financed by public funding.  Goal of ZBT is the reduction of technological barriers for innovative companies, especially SMEs. Developed solutions will be provided to industrial partners by means of demonstrators and functional models and can be utilized by means of technology transfer and licensing. 

Herefore ZBT is performing market near work e.g. in the field of production technologies and certification; in cooperation with partners the development of components and systems is focused. Additionally specific basic research is performed for materials, components and processes.

Core funding options for our work for and with industry are: 

  • German: Industrielle Gemeinschaftsforschung (IGF / BMWi)
  • German: ZIM-Programme (BMWi)
  • German: NIP (BMVI)
  • German: Energy programme of BMBF and BMWi
  • German: Support of the region NRW
  • Eureka support programmes
  • EU-Projects both within JTI fuel cells and other calls
  • various trusts

In different projects the final reports and other publications can be downloaded on our website.



Last update:  11.07.2017